6 Weeks of Progress

A program focussing on your Nutrition, Mindset, Health & Lifestyle.   Here's to a healthier, happier, and more confident you.

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Welcome To The Mandy Meyer Online Coaching Platform

This is NOT a 6 week fat loss challenge to see who can lose the most weight!

Please do not sign up before you have gone through ALL the information on the website.


Reshape Your Body & Mind

A 6 week plan designed to specifically help you understand the basic principles of nutrition and fat loss. I will take you on a life changing 6 week journey to a healthier, happier, more confident you. Let's change the way that you look at 'dieting' as well as your relationship with food.

  • Nutrition

    I am not going to write you a meal plan, as I want to teach you how to create your own. You will recieve all the tools to calculate your daily calorie intake needed for fat loss, loads of tasty recipes with calorie & nutritional value per serving.
  • Fat Loss

    I want to help you change the way that you look at fat loss. I want to teach and guide you to become healthier, which in turn will lead to fat loss. Let's focus on the process as opposed to the end goal.
  • Mindset

    Fat loss is 80% mindset and 20% nutrition and exercise. If you don't have the correct mindset, you won't be able to stick to a routine that will help you lose weight. Let me change the way you think about dieting and losing weight.


Accountability is the one thing that is overlooked, but it is the thing that you need the most.

Daily Check-In's

Your daily check-in's will not even take 5 minutes of your time. These check-in's will not only hold you accountable, but they will also push you to do more. Daily check-in's can also show you just what you are capable of because you will be asked to think about all you have achieved throughout the day.

Bi-Weekly Measurements

An area in the app has been created for you to update your measurements on a regular basis to keep track of the change in your body composition. This helps remove the fixation off the scale and helps you identify progress in all areas of your expedition.


Let's be real with each other here - At the end of the day, you know what to do, but you just can't get yourself to commit to sticking to it. You start, you stop, you start, you stop and so the cycle continues. Let me hold you accountable so that you never have to stop and start again. Start, and let me keep you on track. 

Changing my relationship with food and my body has never been easier and more enjoyable, thanks to Mandy I am currently doing my second round of the 6 weeks program with Mandy and let me tell you, I would recommend her program highly to anyone who needs the facts about nutrition, fat loss and mindset to win the battle...I've lost 16kg in 4 months and she's helped me to keep going while enjoying my meals and guiding my journey! She is always willing to help with suggestions and encouraging words without the BS and I applaud her for being so passionate about helping others and always speaking from her own experience which makes her so relatable. She makes it exciting and the program is so much more than just about fat loss. She truly guides you to become a better and more mindful person inside and out.

Get Ready to Smash 2024

Fire yourself up to make 2024 your best year yet!

My Coaching

My coaching takes place through the 2 live calls, weekly, where I discuss all relevant topics and questions. Questions can also be asked, and will be answered, through the private chat function.

The App

A space for YOU to use to keep track of your daily habit data. This is an area for you to log your data, see your averages and keep track of your progress. Your access to the app is purely for the duration of your program.

Program Continuation

This is not a 6 week quick fix, therefore there is an option to proceed onto the next program or however many you feel you'd want to do. Proceeding is at a slightly discounted rate and will be communicated through to you once you are part of the group.

Let Me Teach You My Health Strategies

It's time to invest in your health. Your life. It's time to prove to yourself that you are indeed capable.

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Beverley Scott-Brown
As a repeat dieting offender - yip, I've done all the deprivation diets, stumbling upon Calorie Deficit Weight loss was an eye-opener. I have also been thru 3 calorie deficit style programs (South African) and though the info on food and exercise was good, I found the mental guidance aspect lacking. I knew that the secret to finally cracking the code was to look at the "why" of my choices and then the "how" in order to instill it as a lifestyle. I can honestly say that Mandy offers the BEST value for money of all the programs around. She's hands-on and uses an app for daily interaction, zoom calls, and emails - the lot. You are not just fed the info and then left to sail the fat-loss seas alone. Don't hesitate. It's worth every cent. And she's kak funny which comes for free!


Weekly Zoom Calls

Highly motivating weekly group Zoom calls that will encourage you to work hard and smash those daily and weekly goals. Every Monday at 18:30.

Accountability & Support

You can have all the information in the world, but if you don't know how to action or apply it, what does it help? That's where I can in. I give you the information, and then I provide you with accountability and support to make sure that you are actioning it.

Exclusive Content

Over 60 educational videos, supporting pdf documents, fat loss resources and a huge libabry of recipes with calorie values.

High Protein Recipes & more than 60 Fat Loss Tutorial videos

Topics Taught

Over the 6 weeks these are just a few of the topics that are covered and taught through my educational videos. 

I dig deep into the group dynamic and find out where the struggles are. I then formulate and carry across lessons covering all areas to help each group member succeed.

Calories & Fat Loss

Understanding your calories and how a calorie deficit equates to fat loss is the first and most important topic. It will help you make calculated nutrition decisions moving forward.

Hormones & Fat Loss

You should never overlook how big of a role the hormones within your body can affect weight loss. I will teach you about all the hormones and the effect on the scale.

Combating Weekends

Your biggest downfall could be the weekends. I will teach you how to incorporate the weekends into your weight loss journey so that you can make it a sustainable journey.


We take a deeper look into what macronutrients are and how much focus you should put on your macronutrients when trying to lose weight. I will teach you about importance of protein in your diet.

Goal Setting

Your success very often lies in your goal setting. I will teach you how to set goals that you can achieve, allowing you to build confidence in your own capabilities.

Emotional Eating

I will take a deeper look into eating for comfort and emotions, and you can identify your trigger points and work on this in the future.

Ditch the diet and let me guide you to building a healthy lifestyle that works for you and fat loss, in a sustaianable and maintable manner. Understanding the fat loss process and nutrition will give you the start you need to build solid foundations.

  • Next Start Date: 15 Jan 2024
  • R1300
    per 6 Weeks
  • Weekly Calls with Mandy
  • Weekly Facebook Lives
  • Calorie Goal Calculations
  • Body Measurement Tracking Area
  • Weight & Habit Tracking
  • Exclusive Tutorial Videos
  • Supporting Resources
  • Reassurance & Accountability
Are tired of your own BS? If you are tired of your own BS, sign up, you won’t regret it. Mandy knows what is going on in your head because she has been there! I would have quit wk 2 if I had attempted this by myself (again), Mandy explains how and why weight loss is not linear and that this journey has no expiry date. This is my life now and I love it! Not only is she hilarious but the amount of knowledge she has to share is staggering!

Is This Program For You?

  • You are tired of doing endless quick fixes
  • You struggle to lose fat and keep it off
  • You have no idea where to start with fat loss
  • You never want to start another diet on another Monday
  • You want to find a balanced lifestyle that works for you
  • For those ready to change
  • For those tired of their own bulls!t
  • For those that need the accountability
  • For those who want to build their confidence
  • For those who are ready to create a healthy relationship with food
  • Those who are not willing to commit
  • Those who want everything done for them
  • Those who aren't willing to put the work in
  • Those who think they know everything about fat loss
  • Those who want the easy way out
  • This
  • Is
  • Not
  • A
  • Quick Fix


Group Coaching

Your coaching calls consist of 1 Zoom call and 1 Facebook live per week. This is where your coaching takes place. I answer all questions on the calls, and formulate the calls based around your struggles, questions and much more.

Individual Chat Function

You will have availibity to me, privately, through email or a chat function. No other group program will offer you this. Other group programs leave you guessing if what you are doing is correct. I provide you with personal answers.

Individual Calorie Guidance

Calorie targets are not a 'one size fits all', therefore I will help you calculate and set up your calorie targets.

I have just completed my first 6-week program with Mandy, and gearing up to start the second, and wow I cannot for the life of me express how much I have learnt about food and about myself. I feel emotional with the knowledge of how far I've come with regards to my mindset about food and my body. I feel like Mandy knows what I'm thinking even before I pose her a question, she KNOWS what it is like and can relate to you on a whole new level. She is extremely approachable if you have questions and ready to assist you in every way - but that is not to be interpreted as she is going to do the work for you. If you want this, she wants it for you too, so if you're in it all the way, then so is she. She is on the ball, organized and supportive. The accountability is also so incredible and helpful. I can't wait to see how these next 6 weeks go! In short, would highly recommend!!!

Free Resources To Get You Started

Free Fat Loss Calorie Guide

Understanding your calories and how a calorie deficit equates to fat loss is the first and most important topic. It will help you make calculated nutrition decisions moving forward.

Free Recipe eBook

52 Free recipes that are high in protein. You would be crazy not to download this ebook. Protein plays a vital role in the fat loss process, and these recipes will definately help you increase your protein intake.


There are no set meal plans provided, as I teach and guide you to create your own meal plans. By doing it this way, you will understand all the basics and be able to make it sustainable. A meal plan is very restrictive and short-term, whereas learning how to create your own plan allows you more food freedom, for the rest of your life.

No, not at all. I have had members join from New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, Australia and other countries. Because all the calls are recorded, it is very easy to join, no matter what time zone you are on.

All calls are recorded and as soon as they are finished each member will receive and email with a link to the recording. You will be able to watch it as soon it is convenient for you to do so if you did miss the call.

It is not a prerequisite, but it is highly recommended. All the group support and motivation takes place within a private Facebook group, and I host weekly lives as an added bonus for all group members.

Technically it is classified as a group format, but it is an excellent combination of group and 1-on-1 coaching. The group of members are there for the support and motivation, and there is a 1-on-1 chat function with me as your coach.

Because there are no set meal plans, it caters for all needs. I teach you how to use what you have, or what food you consume, to create the best way forward.